Monday, April 28, 2008

Dual Booting and Free Linux CD

My system is on dual booting with both Windows Vista and Ubuntu (Linux). I know Windows but I am not quite familiar with the Linux but I wish to learn this Operating System. So I have installed Ubuntu. Good thing about Linux (Ubuntu) is that it is free and one can just order it for free. You can request for free CD from here, Requesting an Ubuntu CD. Though there are few other sources from free Linux but they allow free download that is really painful when your internet connection is so slow that you have to leave it overnight for downloading a simple file. Before installing it will be good to try Live CD so that you can get a taste of Linux before actually using it. Word of caution is make a backup of your data before installing another OS like Linux. I have lost some of my memorable pictures when I have not made backup before installing Ubuntu in my laptop. Preferably make a backup on another hard drive/CD/DVD. I have had some really amazing experiences with Linux and I think I started loving it.

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